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IMRE BELLON   I was about 10 when   I got my first camera. I took a photo of a girl next door. The picture failed but fortunately these early failures did not discourage me.

Later I found my father’s analog photo equipment and

yes...it was love at first sight.
With a lots of practice 
and much more rolls of film (and all my pocket money for labs) getting closer and closer to the image I wish.

With the digital technology I jumped deeply in the middle of the wedding photography and cinematography and started to shoot day by day to improve myself.

I love to dream with the couples and give an unique experience with our unforgettable photos and breathtaking films .

See you at your wedding as well!


KATA BELLON-NAGY  I am bohemian about rules. I love pictures call the moment to life so always following the happenings hunting for memorable captured moments.  


Wedding photography is a great adventure for me, enjoy every second of working with lovely couples and at the end of the day we tell their love stories in frames.

Like a woman photographer I am crazy about details, textures, the natural shiny backlights and lensflares.

In addition to all of this  I can share these experiences with my best friend who is my husband as well.

Feel free to tell me about your wedding!