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Soviet Surgery

· On the original 7 hectares territory, the first hospital buildings were opened in 1904

· Until 1945 the constructions and the modernization were continuous

· In 1945 the Red Army expropriate the whole region and they built 9 new buildings on it

· The hospital zone became a closed, military object. Soviets built underground corridors, bunkers and an anti-aircraft shelter

· In 1980 Moscow ordered a new surgery building

· It was handed over in 1985 (138 meters long, 38 meters wide, 5 floors, 20.000 square meters) with the most modern medical equipments

· The 2 designers (Tamás Tomay and Levente Varga) got the Ybl Prize for this building

· In 1991 soviets left the country and the occupied state bought only the property back (more than 30 buildings)

· The expensive medical equipments had been dismounted and delivered to Russia between 1991 and 1993

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