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Train cemetery

· 1901-1905: the Main workshop was built between 1901 and 1905 by Hungarian Railways

· 1903: Locomotive workshop (20 100 m2) with 82 locomotive stands and a 98 meters long furnacemaker workshop

· lathe workshop, smithy, wheelchair workshop, spring workshop and a foundry was built as well

· the car repair shop was Budapest largest floor area building in 1902, with 24 000 m3

· on the east side, an apprentice workshop and 2 Intze-type water towers (120m3) were built

· furnace room and a 30 meters high chimney were built to serve steam

· the official opening ceremony of the Main workshop was in the 1st of May in 1905

· there were ~1500-200 workers in these times

· during the II. world war several bombs hit the Main workshop and the fire destroyed some of the buildings

· between 1950-1990 the name of the workshop was Jenő Landler Vehicle Repair Plant

· because of the displacement of steam locomotives , the function of the plant started to reduce

· the steam era ended in 1984 in Hungary so most of the workshops closed and some of them were demolished too (canteen, casino, spa)

· the remaining buildings originally were engine car workshop and locomotive repair shop

· the most famous train in the ’cemetery’ is the locomotive model 424 with a huge Red Star on the front

· but we found more locomotives model 301 as well, ran before the I. world war

· nowdays the other side of the ’train cemetery’ is functioning as a DMU and locomotor repair shop

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