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Tungsram Parts Factory

· The manufactory named ’Egyesült Izzó’ starts to produce on the 31st in October in 1974, on a 10 hectare territory

· The factory’s main products were the tungsten and molybdenum wire, fluorescent spiral and diamond puller tools

· Tungsten wires manufactured with 10 microns diameter but sometimes they reached the 7-8 microns diameter as well (the diameter of a human hair is 40-60 microns!)

· The plant in Hajdunanas produced several million meters of these wires in a year

· Tungsram Parts Factory exports to many countries worldwide from Brazil to Japan

· This time more than 1800 employee worked there

· New owner in 1988 is the Hungarian Credit Bank

· In 1989 General Electric bought majority ownership with 51%

· New owner meant new point of view named cost-effectiveness

· The factory was closed by General Electric in 1994 when 800-900 employee worked there

· All the equipments were moved to Hajduboszormeny in 2 weeks

· In the early 2000’s GE planned to restart the plant like a switch factory but finally the project was rejected

Source and archive photocredits: 4024.hu / Peter Capellaro / Gabor Nagy / Fortepan

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